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Volume One - Edition Two Online Newsletter - Summer 2001

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Gregory Editions and Washington Green - an Art Partnership

by Beth Blankenship - President - Gregory Editions Fine Art

Gregory Editions Fine Art, as the exclusive U.S. representative for all original graphics in the Washington Green Collection, is pleased to offer it's participating galleries the world's premier selection of contemporary art. Beautifully reproduced and offered in very small edition sizes, the Washington Green Collection features vibrant colors and the very best of subject matters.
Washington Green employs superior processes, materials and artistic direction to ensure the faithful translation of original painting to limited edition print. Printmaking is in itself an art form, and the marriage of unique skills between the contemporary artist and the traditional printmaker guarantees the faithful reproduction of original oils, watercolors and pastels into editions of superb quality.

Each image is individually signed and numbered by the artist, and embossed with the seal of Washington Green - a hallmark of quality. The handwritten number which appears on each print guarantees not only the edition size, but also the authenticity of the image. The plates, firms and materials involved in the reproduction of the edition are all destroyed following printing, which further ensures the collectable appeal created by the low edition sizes.

We at Gregory Editions consider the finished product to be the finest in published art available. We invite you to peruse the Washington Green Collection of quality images today. You will be glad you did!

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The Fine Art Trade Guild's Best New Artist 2001 - Finalists

Lawrence Coulson


The Fine Art Trade Guild's Best New Artist 2001

View Coulson Images

Nothing But Us

Following in the footsteps of his famous father, Gerald Coulson, Lawrence has enjoyed sell-out success of his work since becoming a professional artist in September 1997. With his major exhibition at The Halcyon Gallery in 1998 a complete sell-out, he has gone from strength to strength. His latest releases "continue to illustrate my enthusiasm for the East Anglian landscape that is my home, be it the Norfold Coast with its huge empty beaches, just an hour's drive away, or the wide expanses of the Fenland countryside. Both areas are subject to our forever unsettled weather threatening another impending cloudburst, the forces of nature dwarfing the figures in the paintings".



The Fine Art Trade Guild's Best New Artist 2001

View Govinder Images

Bo Diddley

Classic Govinder - fantastic characters with a change of palette, Govinder has established his paintings as some of the most popular in the contemporary art world. Roderick Random, Peregrine Pickle, Slack Alice and a host of other brillant characters have formed the basis for Govinder's part abstract, part defined work. Look deeper at his canvases and the viewer can spot a highly talented abstract artist adding life with his characters.

Paul Powis


The Fine Art Trade Guild's Best New Artist 2001

View Powis Images

The Ocean

"My paintings are quickly executed with energy and vivacity in order to retain brushmarks over an impastoed and colored ground. I'm not at all interested in detail, I like to attack my work with vigorous, almost violent marks and I love the accidents and drips. My landscapes are frequently painted in either the early morning or the late afternoon in order to capture long shadows raking over fields and hills."

Joy Kirton-Smith


The Fine Art Trade Guild's Best New Artist 2001

View Kirton-Smith Images

Midsummer Nights Dream

Joy's work is dedicated to the creation of figures of beauty and movement. Her enthusiasm for art has taken her to many parts of the world in her search for reference and kowledge. Her inspiration has been largely influenced by her studies of the masters of the Renaissance in Florence and the golden age of drawing in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The subtle effects of these classical images present a stunning protrayal of seduction, sensuality and gentleness, unique to Joy's work.

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And The Winner is...

Reuben Colley

Fine Art Trade Guild's "Best New Artist 2001"

View Colley Images

Late Summer

Reuben Colley is a painter of light, land and sea. A young talent in the contemporary art world, his oils capture the moods of the land, its constant changes and its beauty - big skies, distant horizons and moody landscapes contrast with bright and optimistic beaches and oceans. Reuben was born in 1976 and studied at Bournville College of Art and The University of Wolverhampton. His canvases explore the essence of free landscape painting. Definitely a painter whose future is bright. Reuben's work has featured in and been collected at several exhibitions including Birmingham's prestigious Halcyon Gallery and the Gallery at Harrods.

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Meet Mark Spain

Life Study III

"Having experimented with many forms of imagery in recent years, the figurative work has been the most challenging and satisfying. My main goals are always to create a certain amount of movement within the image, with particular emphasis on setting a mood and atmosphere. I would like the viewer to be intriqued as to the possible thoughts of the subject which can only add to the effects of the picture. Pictures I believe must have a life of their own to allow an ongoing interest."

View Spain Images

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Nel Whatmore

View Whatmore Images

Femme Fatale

Nel Whatmore is an artist who draws with rousing and inspiring colors. She is a romantic who feels that color, music and dance are all food for the soul. "Color has an effect on all of us, be it directly or subliminally. Certain colors lighten the heart, others make us feel ill at ease. The whole spectrum communicates the full gamut of human emotions and has a powerful effect upon them."

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View Domenech Images

The Silk Robe

Josep Domenech Sanchez was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1952. Domenech is an artist of deep sensitivity and intimacy. His oil paintings convey form through faint colorist tones, defining both volume and space. A real subtleness is evident in his work, which the artist suggests and interprets in a smooth, evanescent manner. His work has been exhibited in One-Man Shows and Group Exhibitions since 1974 and has received much critical acclaim.

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BH Brody

View Brody Images

Morning Song

As a child, color, light and landscape fascinated her. At the age of 21 Hammerman Brody started exhibiting and selling her art in galleries. Her artworks sells vigorously in the United States and internationally. Private collectors and large corporations acquire Hammerman Brody's artwork: Quaker Oats, Hyatt International, MCI and Maytag to name a few. She is a recipient of numerous national and regional awards. Decades of solo and group exhibitions have brought her work to a responsive international audience. B H Brody was awarded the "Up and Coming Artist of 2000" by the Fine Art Guild. Not only is she the first American ever to receive this honor, but she is the first non-UK citizen winner since the Guild's inception in 1842.

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Washington Green Adds New Artists

As promised, U.K. Publisher Washington Green and Gregory Editions Fine Art are adding to it's offerings with the addition of two new artists, Rob Ford and Rolf Harris. These talents are new to the United States marketplace, and provide a variety of appealing images at prices sure to please.

Rob Ford's paintings portray his fascination with places where the passive, yet relentless, passing of time has allowed nature to re-stake her claim - places where there is no obvious divide between the earth and air. Rob says "this interest comes, perhaps from spending much of my childhood in the mountains and valley of Snowdonia, North Wales." More recent work is a development of these ideas and his work ranges from traditional, still-life, landscapes and portraits to emotionally-charged, asbtract canvasses. He works in a variety of media: oils, acrylic, watercolors, pastels and airbrush! Robert's earlier exhibitions have been well received and demand for his work is growing. (View Art)

When the public was asked to name famous artists that they are familiar with over 70% included Rolf Harris alongside Monet, Van Gogh and other masters. One of the U.K.'s best loved entertainers began a glittering career based on his brilliant talent as an artist. A natural impressionist, Rolf's famous TV paintings in which the audience watched the composition take shape highlighted to many the wonder of impressionism and the talent of an artist in bringing life to a painting step by step. Gregory Editions and Washington Green are extremely proud to represent Rolf's work. His inaugural collection of limited editions released earlier this year and all sold out immediately upon publication. (View Art)

See new imagery by these fine artists on the Gregory Editions WebSite now!

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A Big Thank You!

Thanks for the great response from all the dealers attending the Franchise Concepts Expo in Reno, Nevada. It was our pleasure to see old friends and to make new ones. Several attendees joined the Brushstrokes™ Gallery Program, after viewing the remarkable images that were displayed. Welcome Aboard!

Pennsylvania Avenue Issue Closed!

G. Harvey's latest Hallmark series image, Pennsylvania Avenue has closed. The edition size has been set, and the images are scheduled to ship on or about August 15th, 2001. If you have placed an order for this exciting image, expect your delivery the last week of August. Thank you for your support of this premier image.

Brushstrokes™ Gallery Program Growing!

Gregory Editions is pleased to announce the addition of over sixty fine art galleries to the exclusive Brushstrokes™ Gallery Program during the past several months. We are nearing our target in many geographic areas, so if you are interested in this exciting program, call now. As they say at the theater - "seating is limited."

New E-mail addresses for Gregory Editions Fine Art personnel!

Mark Eaker, CEO mark@gregoryeditions.com
Beth Blankenship, President beth@gregoryeditions.com
Sharon Thompson, Office Manager sharon@gregoryeditions.com
Brandi Hough, Administrative Assistant brandi@gregoryeditions.com
Dave Johnson, Shipping & Receiving Manager dave@gregoryeditions.com
Robin Houck, Regional Sales Manager robin@gregoryeditions.com
Glenda Henckel, Sales Representative glenda@gregoryeditions.com
Sales e-mail sales@gregoryeditions.com
Collector Response e-mail collector@gregoryeditions.com
Brushstrokes e-mail brushstrokes@gregoryeditions.com

Wow - Kim is painting a lot!

Expect three new colorful, inventive and surreal images from artist Kim Wiggins soon. Kim's brush has been flying creating these images fairly dripping with artistic expression. Now we have to get to work and do our usual fine work in translating Kim's images to high quality original graphics. A Garden of Eden scene, a unique rendering of the old Dallas County Courthouse "Old Red" and a midwest scene featuring a tornado alley twister will be available as soon as the ink drys. Bet you just can't wait for these, art lovers.

Happy Birthday(s)!

Be sure and ask Glenda and Robin how old they are as of their most recent birthdays. Expect a lie though. Women just don't seem to ever get older (editors comment).

Secondary Market Images!

Do you have a supply of sold out Gregory Edition images that you would like to market. We frequently receive requests for these, and are considering placing a secondary market area on the website. If interested, contact your representative today. You may also FAX a list of the images you currently have to 281-494-4755. Please include title, edition number and asking price. We may be able to help you market these images.

Did You Know?

Serigraphy or silkscreen printing is a highly involved method of building up the artist's image color by color - sometimes as many as 50 individual colors are utilized to create the final piece. Each color is applied individually through a screen which masks the area of paper not to be touched. The ink is pushed through the screen onto the paper with a squeegee. The print is then removed and placed on a rack to dry. This process has to be done for each color on the print, and each color has to be proofed and checked before it is printed. Ideally, the artist's image will come alive as individual colors are built to mirror the original paint application - even brush strokes are recreated to ensure the texture, flow and form of a painting are captured. The giclée process involves the spraying of thousands of tiny dots of ink onto the paper to reproduce the artists original palette. A contemporary graphic is a work of art, the original painting forming the creative guide for the second artist - the printmaker.

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